A game about logistics and resource management.

This was a fun project I did for my Computer Graphics course. It is a game where you have to explore the resources of a remote planet by building automated robots, processing facilites and upgrading things. You have a main base, build and upgrade commands, and nothing else.


Chromatic Gorilka Typo

A Terminal/Console/CLI tower defense.

“Chromatic Gorilka Typo is a tower defense typing game where chromatic gorilkas, annoyed by your blue-switches mechanical keyboard sound, attack your house to unplug your USB cable. You must type HARDER and LOUDER to defend your home. But this will probably tease them even more….”



A comedic first person experience.

StuBits is my biggest project so far. It is a first person, multiplayer, comedic, fast paced game. It is about robots playing and trying to work in an unfriendly environment. It is also physics based, where many of the game mechanics are based on physics interactions.


AlienTextEngine & TalePad

A text game engine, a language and a code editor to play.

This was my first big project. I was learning everything. This is a text engine that provides tools to make retro text based games. In this project I have also created a language called TaleCode to describe interactive histories.


Ultimate Harvest Day

A comedic first person experience.

“Remember when your mother told you to eat all of your vegetables and you’d just throw them out the window? Well, you should have listened. Now they are HUGE and mad and they want to to EAT YOU ALIVE!” A game I did with my Ludum Dare team in three days. It is an FPS on the browser where you kill “vegetables” and group their bodies to get ammo.


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